Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics classes include structured training on the floor, bars, beam, and vault. Students build strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility by learning gymnastics skills in step-by-step progressions. At Prospect Gymnastics, we focus on building confidence and having fun! Our coaches are USAG certified and experts at creating a supportive environment for kids to discover the world of gymnastics!
Preschool: 3 - 5 years
Class Length: 45 Minutes
An introduction to basic gymnastics, designed to support the developmental growth of the child, allowing children to gain confidence and ability by performing physical skills. Activities include tumbling, bar, beam, and motor skills.
Grade School: 5 - 11 years old
Class Length: 1 hour
Developing basic, intermediate, and advanced gymnastics skills, increasing strength, balance, coordination and flexibility by training the four artistic gymnastics women's events: floor, bar, beam, and vault, focusing on confidence, structure, and attention to detail, while keeping activities interactive and fun. All grade school classes are co-ed and focus on developmental training to improve fitness in a fun setting.
Intermediate: 5 - 11
Class Length: 70 minutes
Intermediate gymnasts should be able to complete a pullover on bars and kickover on floor unassisted. If you're not sure if your child is intermediate, please contact us for an evaluation.
Parent & Tot: 16 months* - 3 years old
Class Length: 45 Minutes
*child must be walking to take this class, if your child is younger than 16 months and walking they are eligible to enroll.
The Parent & Tot class is designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening, and social skills through fun gymnastics activities. An adult actively participates with their child. Parent-Tot classes follow a curriculum covering an overview of gymnastics shapes and drills including forward rolls, hanging on the bars, and walking on the balance beam. The curriculum is designed as an introduction to basic gymnastics that will transfer to learning harder skills as the child gets older. Since this class is a precursor to school for many children, we also incorporate numbers, colors, shapes, and more.
Team Program Coming Soon!
Please reach out to our head coach Julia at if you are interested in joining our first-ever team at Bed-Stuy.
Team is for students who love gymnastics, and are interested in more rigorous training. Students who demonstrate commitment and dedication in their gymnastics classes can be evaluated for our team program. The team focuses on training all four artistic women's gymnastics events as well as learning to perfect competitive gymnastics routines. We expect a higher level of focus and discipline from our team gymnasts while still maintaining a fun environment in the gym. Our top priority is making sure that we are training confident well-rounded athletes!
Team students must commit for the entire season. Team students train twice a week from September through June.